Cookies use

This website is property of Servicios Auxiliares Sureuskadi, S.L., we use our own and third-party cookies. Cookies are small information files that are stored on the computer of the person accessing the page for the correct functioning and display of the website, as well as for the collection of statistics.

The cookies active on the website www.sureuskadi.es are intended to facilitate the correct functioning of the website and collect statistics.

Specifically we use the following ones:

wp-wpml_current_languagesureuskadi.essessionownStores the current language. By default, this cookie is set only for logged users. If you enable the language cookie to support AJAX filtering, this cookie will also be set for users who are not logged.
moove_gdpr_popupFunctional cookie365 daysownControls the acceptance or blocking of third-party non-functional cookie scripts.
_gatAnalysis cookie1 minuteThird party/googleGoogle Analytics cookie / Google Analytics. It is used to limit the percentage of requests.
_gidAnalysis cookie24 hoursThird party/googleGoogle Analytics cookie / Google Analytics. It is used to distinguish users.
_gaAnalysis cookie2 yearsThird party/googleGoogle Analytics cookie / Google Analytics. It is used to distinguish users.
_GRECAPTCHAFunctional cookie
6 months
GoogleUsed to distribute website traffic across multiple servers to optimize response times.

What types of cookies do exist?

Below, we inform our users that this website uses different types of cookies that can be classified as follows:

Types of cookies according to the entity that manages them:

  • First-party cookies: these are cookies generated by the website being visited.
  • Third-party cookies: these are cookies generated by third-party services and hosted on our website

Types of cookies according to their duration:

  • Session cookies: these are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website, and they are not recorded on the user’s disk.
  • Persistent cookies: these are cookies where data is stored on the device and can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the cookie’s controller.

Types of cookies according to their purpose:

  • Technical cookies: these are cookies that allow the user to navigate through our website and use the different options or services available on it. They are also referred to as ‘strictly necessary’.”.
  • Personalization cookies: these are cookies that make it possible to remember information so that each user can access the service according to their preferences (language, region from which they access the website, or number of search results to display, for example).
  • Analysis or performance cookies: these are cookies that allow us to track and analyze user behavior on the website anonymously (number of visits or browsing criteria, for example).
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: these are cookies that allow the storage of information about user behavior in order to implement parameters of efficiency in the advertising offered on web pages.

Google reCaptcha

We use «Google reCAPTCHA» (from hero on “reCAPTCHA”) in our web site. With reCAPTCHA we check whether it is a person or a computer who makes certain entries in our contact or newsletter forms. With reCAPTCHA, we will counteract the increase in machine-generated registrations for user accounts and newsletters. Currently, reCAPTCHA is the best protection against these types of attacks (attacks from robots).

As soon as you access the website, reCAPTCHA analyzes your interactions through the following features:

  • IP address of the terminal device used.
  • Date and time spent on the website.
  • Mouse movements on reCAPTCHA surfaces and tasks that require image identification.
  • Identification data of the browser and the type of operating system used.
  • Google account, if you are logged into Google.

The data collected during the analysis is sent to Google. According to Google’s instructions, Google does not use the information collected by reCAPTCHA for personalized advertising.

Google Maps

The Google Maps service is also used on our website. Thanks to this service, we can display an interactive map with our location directly on the website, which allows for easy use of the map function.

As soon as you click on our address in the map navigation embedded on our website, Google Maps will open in a new tab. Please note that you are subject to the other terms of use of Google Maps / Google Earth, including Google’s Privacy Statement, if you use Google Maps.

How can I uninstall cookies?

On their first visit to the website, the user can configure and accept or reject cookies on the current website. Subsequently, the user may, at any time, change or withdraw their consent through this Cookie Policy or configure their browser.

The main browsers have options for blocking and deleting cookies, but the procedure may differ from one browser to another. To uninstall cookies, we recommend following the instructions provided by the user’s Internet browser manufacturer. Below are the links for the main browsers and devices:

For mobile devices, it is common for the browser to have these options in the Settings section.

However, it should be noted that configuring the browser to reject cookies may prevent user preferences from being saved, and some pages may not be available.

Changes to the Cookie Policy

The Website reserves the right to modify this Cookie Policy, always within the terms allowed by current Spanish legislation. Therefore, we recommend reviewing this policy every time you access our website for timely updates and information.