Who are we

in Sureuskadi?

Sureuskadi is made up by a team with more than 30 years of experience in the sector of auxiliary services.

Our goals

  • Satisfy the client we work for
  • Keep improving to offer perfect services

The company was born from an unsolved necessity, in a city like San Sebastian known for the quantity of evets it holds along the year, of professionalicing the area of human resources for events.

We are a close, trustworthy, and reliable company, these values along an expert, professional and impecable team are our success guarantee to offer a high quality service at cultural, sports or any other kind of events.

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What do we do?

We take care of personnel management to provide coverage for any need where it is necessary to efficiently manage access for large concentrations of the public.

In order to provide service, we have an extensive database of professionals who ensure that everything turns out satisfactorily and goes as planned.

How do we do it?

Thanks to our track record in the sector, we have a human team dedicated to analyzing profiles and working hand in hand with the client to understand their needs and objectives. This allows us to create completely tailored proposals and present base quotes within 24-48 working hours, always working with maximum transparency and itemized costs, thus generating unique concepts and experiences for each event.

The coverage provided by Sureuskadi is also due to the good disposition, public service, and proactive attitude of all our stable, versatile, and highly qualified staff.

In addition to the versatility and optimization of human resources, we have incorporated material resources such as walkie-talkies for internal communication, with an external microphone and an earpiece for inside the rooms, as well as clickers or access counters, megaphones, specific ticket cutters, etc.

This allows us to provide a comprehensive service with total resource optimization, as well as a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Why should you
choose us?

  • We add value to the proyects and events. Our staff is qualified to guarantee a great management of the human resources at the same event.
  • Not only we provide staff to your event, we also lead it. We dialoge with the client the tasks of each team, so everything is well organiced on the apppointed day.
  • We choose the perfect profile of staff for each ocassion.
  • Our experience is demostrable and verifable on the sector. We are de lider company in the Basque Country.
Do you need personalized advice?

Get in contact with our professionals

We will be happy to help you resolve your doubts and advice you on the solution that best adapts to your project or event